The Music of Kermanshahan (Ostad Amir Hayati)

Ali Guyam ,Ali Juyam / The Ancient Maqams of Tanbur

Ali Guyam ,Ali Juyam

The Ancient Maqams of Tanbur

Tanbur: Ostad Amir Hayati
Accompanying notes by : Mohammad Reza Darvishi

 Amir Hayati was born in 1921 in Sahneh. He is one of most prominent tanbur-players and quite famous as a prestigious eulogist of the Imam `Ali. Amir began learning the tanbur at the age of 12 with his father, `Aliqoli. Then he continued his further studies with Seyyed Nasroddin Jeyhunabadi for several years. He has a humble and devoted personality full of divine love. Such characteristics contribute in distinguishing his style as a celebrated master of the tanbur and an eminent singer, among the others.
This divine spiritual mood made him go on pilgrimages to the Holy Najaf fourteen times during his youth. His memories of this period are quite astonishing and highly noteworthy. After this period, upon his friends' requests, he moved to Tehran. He has been living in Tehran since then for several decades. In spite of being away from the main musical centers where the maqams of the tanbur prevails, he has been not only capable of maintaining a deep relation with his native music and the maqams, but also able to develop a unique style of his own in performing the ancient and sacred maqams of the tanbur, based on his high level of creativity and the divine love rooted in his personality.

He has either directly or indirectly influenced many of the eminent tanbur-players. In 1960, upon an invitation from the authorities ,he performed and recorded several pieces including an everlasting piece " `Ali Juyam, `Ali Guyam" (Saying Ali, Seeking Ali). Broadcasting his performances on the Radio can be regarded as an important means for introducing the tanbur to those interested people outside of Kermanshahan. Both his instrumental and vocal styles are largely different from the other masters of the tanbur. He is actually a virtuoso with an astonishing style. His right-hand performance techniques are also different from the other masters. The way of timing the musical sentences, pauses and the manner of setting poems to music as well as the special dignity which are manifested in his performances, along with the remarkable sonority of his instrument, distinguish him as a prominent master with a unique style. His particular tanbur, which is called "Neda`al-Haqq" (Call of the Truth, Voice of the Lord), has a soundbox considerably larger than the other tanburs. Amir Hayati also enjoys a conspicuous talent and good taste in composing Kurdish and Persian poems. ...

Published [11/11/2000]

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