The Great Masters of Ud Playing

Turkish-Arabic Domain


CD Number [346]

Published [04/02/2013]

The First Half of Twentieth Century

Turkish-Arabic Domain

(2 CDs)


In this collection, owing to the huge number of styles and instrumentalists (i.e. ud-players), we have had to include only the performances of the leading countries in the ud-playing which enjoyed a greater influence in terms of technique and musical content. In this regard in terms of the standardization of modern techniques and fingering methods, which date back to early twentieth century, Turkey contributed more largely than other countries due to the emergence of Şerif Muhiddin Targan (Heydar) whose genius, as a teacher and player, is indisputable.
To select the works of this collection, playing features and specifications both in terms of technique and musical content have been taken into account. All instrumentalists of this collection have been more or less contemporary with each other covering two generations, i.e. they were born between late 19th century until mid 20th century (1892-1953).
The players in this collection are: Şerif Mohiddin Targan, Yorgo Bacanos, Misirli Ebrâhim Afendi, Jamil Bashir, Monir Bashir, Omar Naqshbandi, Mohamed Qasabgi, Riad el-Sounbati, Farid el-Atresh, Ahmed el-Kalaï, Tâher Gharsa, Sheikh Salim Farjani. The CD's booklet is written and collected by Sa'id Nâyeb-Mohammadi.


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