Tanbur Solo , Ostad Nur-Ali Elahi 5

Ostad Nur-Ali Elahi

CD Number [358]

Published [17/07/2013]

(2 CDs)


Ostâd Nur-‘Ali Elâhi was born on September 11, 1895 in Jeyhunâbâd, His father, Hâj Ne'mat, was a great spiritual figure whose radiance reached well beyond his own region; he relayed his mystical experiences in the form of prose and poetry. Ostâd Elâhi's music cannot be placed in any typical category: it is traditional yet profoundly innovative; it is completely spiritual yet cannot be described solely as sacred, for it incorporates elements of the secular repertoire; it is mystical yet non-ritualistic, for Ostâd Elâhi would play only for himself or in the context of small gatherings of relatives and friends; finally, it fulfills its essential spiritual functions yet it does not overshadow the aesthetic dimension. The pieces presented in these two CDs are only a sample of the live recordings of Ostâd Elâhi; the complete ensemble of his recordings being only a small representation of his vast repertoire.
CD 1 tracks: Ostâd Elâhi's Sheykh Amiri, 2. Sheykh Amiri Suite, 3. Mystical Hymns & Dances, 4. Shâh Hoseyni Suite (part one).
CD 2 tracks: 1. Jelowshâhi Suite, 2. Ey Dâvud Suite and Hymns, 3. Sahari Suite, 4. Sâru Khâni (Songs of the Starling).

The pieces are recorded in Tehran between 1964-1972. The text booklet is written by Jean Durind and Shâhrokh Elâhi.


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