Regional Music of Persia 39 (Music from Northern khorasan)

Collected & Researched by: Fozie Majd


CD Number [172]

Published [15/08/2004]

The Story of Ebrahim Adham
Dotar & Vocals: Mohammad Hossein Yeganeh

Collected & Researched by: Fozie Majd


Ostad Mohammad-Hosseyn Yegane (1918-1992), one of northern Khorasan's outstanding dotarists and performer of popular legendary romances, was born in Ghuchan, a town situated in the crossroad of various Turkish, Turkoman and Kurdish tribes settled around and about the vicinity of northern Khorasan. This local cultural scene was further enriched by the traditional recitations of Ferdowsi's Book of Kings with its characteristic popular narrative style, and the performance of Passion plays concerning the martyrdom of certain Imams, the Ta-a-ziye, which incorporates certain sections of the music of the Dastgahs.



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