Regional Music of Persia 23

Accompanying notes by: Mohammad Reza Darvishi

CD Number [051]

Published [11/09/2000]

Music of Baluchestan 

Donali: Ostad Shir Mohammad Espandar

Accompanying notes by: Mohammad Reza Darvishi


Ostad Shir-Mohammad Espandar, son of Morad, was born in Bampur in 1927. His father was a Ney player and the style of Shir-Mohammad in Ney playing is obviously influenced by the style of his father. For more than fifty years he has been playing Donali and Nal (Ney). Shir-Mohammad also knows vocal Maqams as well as playing Donali; especially Kurdish song which he excels and has shown a peculiar skill in it. It must be added that presently he is the sole interpreter of Kurdish song in its original form. Shir-Mohammad immigrated to Indus (Send) Province of Pakistan and spent 15 years of his youth there. He had been familiar with Ney and played it before. In Pakistan he get acquainted with Donali and learned its playing under the tutelage of Jomal-Shah. In 1958 he returned home and since then he has resided in Bampur and spends by farming and music playing.. His style in Donali playing is deeply affected by the great past masters, Jomal-Shah and Mersi-Khan. However, he has been able also to take advantage of traditional styles to create a unique expression in Baluchi music.





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