Regional Music of Persia 6 (Music from Northern Khorasan)

Collected & researched by : Fozie Majd

Dotar : Mokhtar Zanbilbaf Moqaddam

Collected & researched by : Fozie Majd

 Mokhtar's pieces were performed by his masters and handed down to him. But, there are certain characteristics and mannerism in his rendering of them that are not so common amongst other musicians in that area, and these, point to certain original and personal stylistic preferences.
Certain stylistic features are instrumental in producing and creating this personal style:
1. His insistence on the interval of the perfect fifth on certain degrees of the scale, sometimes resulting in chromaticism,especially as heard in Torghe. He would explain that certain notes do not go with the open string,it is then coupled with "this finger" and the right sound is brougth
2. Sometimes the piece starts straight away with the main melodic material, right in the upper register of the mode, without an introduction (Torghe Low)
3. Frequent repetition of certain motives, melodic and rhythmic material.
4. The use of an ornamental mordent, with a chromatic semitone. ...

Published [28/06/2005]

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