Heyy Allah (Mystics of Qaderieh Sect)

By Ostad Khalife Mirza Aqeqowsi Alireza & Abdorrahman Qowsi

Zekrs , Daf & Vocals:
Ostad Khalife Mirza Aqeqowsi
& Abdorrahman Qowsi

Ostad Khalifeh Mirza Aqe Qosi
is one of the greatest mystics of Qaderieh dynasty. He was born in Sanandaj in 1891. He is one of the disciples of Sheikh Abdolkarim Kasnazani and received his spiritual degree from him. Now he has been the Khalifeh of Kasnazani Khaneqah in Sanandaj for more than 40 years. He is the great master of Qaderieh sect. His mellow voice, transparent and precise tone of daf, strong touch and piercing and influential poems he sings are his main characteristics. Khalifeh Qosi never touches daf without ceremonial ablution. His style is a perfect imitation of his father's, who was his first teacher since childhood.
His fame, now, is distributed worldwide and for several times he has toured abroad in different European, American, African and Asian countries He sings in Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Kurdish languages the works of several poets namely Bikhod, Mahvi, Hazin, Taherbeg, Vafayi, Amin, Sheikh Abdolqader Gilani, Hatam Tayi, Ibn-e Arabi, Sa'di, Hafez, Mulavi, Jami in the old traditional style of Khaneqahi music, and accompanies himself with daf.
His sons and grandsons are his best pupils. Alireza and Abd-ol-Rahman have inherited father's tone of voice and touch, and occasionally accompanies him. Recent years witness the founding of numerous daf ensembles many of them being under the direct or indirect influence of his trio. Though Khalifeh Qosi complains the inauthenticity of many of these ensembles, the influence of his daf playing and singing on them are undeniable. ...

Published [12/11/2001]

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